Although, many industries, groups, businesses, etc, largely, depend – upon meetings, conferences, conventions, expos, etc, will find, doing so, challenging, for several reasons, because of this current pandemic, and the public health concerns! Like, reopening schools, stores, businesses, etc, doing this, will have challenges, but, it will not only have those, but its own set of somewhat, unique conditions/ concerns, considerations! Despite, the desire, by certain politicians, to down – play risks, as President Trump, has done, in the past, regarding campaign rallies, and his former demand for a larger – scale, in – person, political convention (fortunately, a demand, abandoned, recently), reopening these, and having the ability to minimize and handle health risks, etc, takes more detailed planning, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 of these challenges.

1. Masks/ Social distancing: Public health experts advice us, if everyone (or, the vast majority), would wear a mask, inside buildings (other than their homes), and outside, when social distancing is difficult, and/ or, unachievable, the rate of infection, would significantly, be reduced! Since, this virus, appear, to be, largely transmitted, via, air particles, etc, the combination of spacing and masks, would be dramatic! We have witnessed, many people, either, are unwilling to do so, or don’t wear their mask, properly, or, in all cases, where indicated. In larger meetings, these are essential, because of the challenges, involved, inside, etc!

2. Challenges to quality air circulation: When New York reopened shopping malls, the requirement was, to upgrade/ update their air circulation/ air conditioner filters, and operation! Certain filters are more capable of filtering, even, very small, air globules, and, this virus, is extremely small. The circulation must be, to a near, operating room level, which, means, total recirculation, approximately, every 3 minutes!

3. Monitoring/ controlling: If we are, to have, larger meetings, in the near – term, each one, must have a well – considered plan, in place, to monitor, and control, all, potentially risky, health – related issues, which might ensue!

4. Expos; auditoriums; sports events/ arenas; theaters and movies: Large meetings, which need special attention, include: expos, and exposition halls; auditoriums; sports events (indoor, and outdoor); arenas, theaters and movies. Each of these, will have their own set of challenges, especially, in smaller, indoor places, such as older theaters, which are, usually, extremely crowded, and seats, are very near, to each other! How will they, achieve, social spacing? How will they enforce, face mask, wearing? What will they do, to improve, air circulation/ quality, so it’s safer, to use?

Every reopening requires well – considered, planning, instead of political rhetoric, and promises! If, we proceed, wisely, and carefully, this health risk, will be reduced, sooner, and more carefully/ completely!

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