“The Jaguar Marketing System”, i.e. “Jag Marketing System” is a spin-off of “The Predator Marketing System” launched in 2006. Al Leverick says some people were offended by the name “Predator” hence the name “Jag Marketing System”. Dailyjaguar.com

Basically “The Predator Marketing System” and “The Jaguar Marketing System” websites are basically identical and its your call whether you want to market one or the other or both.

Of all the Business and Marketing Systems on the Internet, the “Jag Marketing System” clearly stands out. It will showcase up to six of your favorite products/services plus itself. Included is the famous “Make Money or Make Excuses” and “The Journey Continues” Internet Marketing courses, according to Al Turnquist. Also, a brand new lead capture page: “Why Start and Never Quit a Home Business” is available for the system Owner’s use as well. This site explains the advantages of operating a home business and leads into the other modules of the program.

The “Jag Marketing System” offers four levels of Systems: Silver, Bronze, Gold, and Platinum. Each of these has its unique comp plan dand benefits.

The newest innovation by Al Turnquist has been dubbed: “10K Week”. Commissioned Account Representatives are recruited by System Owners by inexpensive classified advertising and are trained daily by Al Turnquist. Easily, 10 Account Representatives could net the System Owner 10K a week.

Al is now suggesting the use of Fronters by the Account Representatives, which will further increase the closure rate.

Scripts, voice messages, sizzle calls, classified ads and complete training guides, all professionally prepared, are available for the System Owner and the Account Representatives use.

Al Leverick

4320C Ridgecrest Drive, SE

Suite 106

Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124



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