The ever-increasing technology and the need for better development have engaged our lives very firmly. These days, hectic office schedules do not allow people to spend even a few moments with their loved ones. Are you also a part of such nerve-racking schedules? Well, if yes, then you really need a break. You need a family vacation where you can calm down your mind, body and soul. But if you think that spending another weekend watching movies at home with your family is going to help, then you are absolutely mistaken. All you require is some quality time at a Hawaiian island like Oahu. Yes, the third largest island in Hawaiian chain and 11th largest metropolitan city in United States with its capital as Honolulu is a wonderful holiday destination in the world. The geographically diverse island comprises of emerald rainforests, volcanic craters, beaches, tropics, mountains and much more, but the most stunning part of this island is its central region. From snorkeling, surfing and extravagant sugar cane fields to restaurants, art galleries and hand decorated clothing, Central Oahu is full of excitement and thrill.

Central Oahu

The home to the largest pineapple fields, Central Oahu features the most beautiful islands, where travelers come from different parts of the world to explore the secrets of Mother Nature. The broad and fertile central region has something that attracts every traveler, compels them to visit again and marks a deep impression on their heart. If you plan a trip to Central Oahu through a cruise, then you might get on and off the H-1 limited-access highway from Waikiki, but this trip would surely double the enjoyment and excitement of the vacation. Until the sea re-emerges on the horizon, your sight will experience the stretched pineapple and sugar cane fields starting from incredible Koolau to absolutely spectacular Waianae Mountain range. Pearl Harbor on the southern shore is a place which will definitely remind you of the past and if you have any interest in the history, you would also appreciate the Arizona Memorial, which is a commendable tourist attraction in this region. If you opt for H-2 you can easily access the three well-known communities, Wahiawa, Pearl City and Mililani. Pearl City features retro architecture of 1960’s, which was all the rage in that era, but these days, it has become a unique piece of architecture for the travelers coming from distant locations.

Here you can come across numerous tourist attractions like site of the annual NFL Pro Bowl, Aloha Stadium and Pearlridge center. If you are fond of shopping, then there can be nothing much better than Pearlridge center, where you can find anything and everything that you prefer. You can also choose to board the shuttle bus to reach to another phase of this shopping center. To savor deliciously prepared cuisines and vegetarian and non vegetarian delights, Mililani is a best stoppage. You can check out the local eateries to try out different types of food and taste out some local grinds freshly prepared by the local chefs. Wahiawa is a place full of exotic plants and tropical flora, where you can reach easily by taking the off ramp before the H-2 bends to left. Then you can take the Kamehameha highway to visit Dole Pineapple Pavilion and then opt for a tram to tour the stunning pineapple fields. Most of the attractions in Oahu and its central region amaze you with its incredible beauty, as never seen before. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Central Oahu and have a great vacation.

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