If you are going to hire a developer for project development or product development, you should conceptualize the difference between developing a product and developing a project. The process of selecting the right IT company doing the development is of high importance. If you choose the wrong company, it can result in wastage of your time, money and effort. On the other hand, if you are going with the right company, it will take your business ahead.

Despite the similar names, there are big differences between product development and project development. The confusion between developing a project and product is common and potentially harmful to organizations who do not acknowledge the distinction. https://shopihemp.com/blog/f/where-to-buy-cbd-oil-in-nc-high-point

Project Development is done by focusing on a particular customer’s need or it is generally developed by the organization for its own operational requirements. Project is developed for handling specific application of the organization, thus build for in-house uses where the look and feel do not matter. It is a one-time endeavor with a goal, scope, deadline, budget, and other constraints. Project development is when a company wants to optimize its processes and do not want to purchase a ready made tool which may not meet its exact requirements or whose customization would cost very high. In such a case, companies go for their own tool development.

Let’s discuss Product Development:

First of all, Product is something that the company intends to sell and generate revenues. This is strictly Business!!! Development of project is done by focusing on a wide range of customers and their needs. Product development is developing the products right from the very conceptualization of the idea to developing the architecture of the products and then converting them into workable products. Developing a product requires strong support where look and feel is very important. It is a market place of the company where they sell their products and generate revenue and should be of high quality as it is represents the image of the company.

Project Development vs. Product Development

1. Project development is for own operational requirement where as product development is for selling and revenue generation.
2. Project development is a onetime investment but product development is ongoing to add new features & products.
3. In Project development, requirement and features are important, look and feel don’t matter but in product development, look and feel, user friendly environment and attractive features are required.
4. Project development involves limited testing but developing a product involves long term Testing.
5. In project development, less maintenance is required but in development of product requires high maintenance & strong support.

Today marketing media is very lucrative and there is a high chance of fake sources. This is the reason why the selection procedure of the right IT Company is so critical. So, you should be very careful while making the choice of right development company and here are some of the important points to be kept in mind while doing so:

1. Check that they have enough experience and resources to cater to your demands.
2. You should look at their portfolio.
3. You should talk to the developers to check if they are capable of communicating properly.
4. You should cross check the testimonials and the various clients they have worked with.

A good it company will work to align resources, manage issues, risks and coordinate all of the various elements necessary to complete the project. A good it company has expert developers who know that the true success of a project is not whether it is on time and within budget, but whether it meets the defined goals and objectives. Expert developers know that all the features in the world will not matter if the project is continually delayed and never makes it to market or if it is too over budget to be completed.

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