So… did you resolve to burn off some of your extra padding, tone up, forgo sodas, eat better, get healthy, and/or cease smoking last January (or many Januarys past) only to find yourself in the same condition or worse today?¬†

Creating New Year’s resolutions is a terrific endeavor, especially if you aim to be healthier (weight loss and exercise are the top resolutions established). But if you lack an action plan, your resolutions may be doomed before you ever get started. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals who make New Year’s resolutions break them – fast. By February, nearly half have already failed.

A 2002 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology shows how many of these resolutions are maintained as time elapses:

– past the first week: 75%

– past 2 weeks: 71%

– after one month: 64%

– after 6 months: 46%

But don’t let those stats convince you to plop down on your couch with a bag of chips. According to the same study, people who explicitly pen resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t specifically set resolutions. So, if you want to lose weight or just get more fit in 2008, then resolving to do so may be beneficial to you. Just make sure you have an action plan that helps ensure your success.

A Department of Labor survey of adults asked them to identify the biggest issue that prevents them from achieving their New Years Resolutions or goals. The top 3 reasons identified are as follows:

– Procrastinating 33%

– Lack of discipline 24%

– No game plan 19%.

Want to know how to promptly solve the above issues with your fitness resolutions? Hire a Personal Trainer.

Do you ever “blow off” your workouts?

Are you ever tempted to sleep one more hour instead of hopping out of bed for an early morning workout?

Are you just ‘too tired’ after work?

When you perform cardio, do you ever quit early – even though you know you could sweat out a few more minutes?

When you lift weights, do you sometimes bail out even though you know you have a few more reps in you?

Do you quit when it becomes uncomfortable instead of pushing through the burn?

Do you get bored or distracted during your workouts?

Are you confused about conflicting health and fitness information you hear or read?

Are you clueless how to exercise to effectively attain your specific training or physique goals?

Have you embarked on an intense workout program only to see dismal and disappointing results?

If you answered yes to more than one of the above questions, a personal trainer is the answer!

Most people delay their workouts to a time more convenient than the present – which usually results in life superseding exercise. When you don’t have a scheduled appointment to exercise or make it the first event of the day, meetings, kids, and/or simply laziness can jar you off track. But when a trainer is counting on you to appear (and you have a pre-paid training session on the line), 99% of the time, you will workout. So clich√©, but showing up is half the battle!

Being accountable to someone is one of the biggest secrets of success. Even if you’re self-motivated and hit the gym everyday, I GUARANTEE you’ll push yourself harder when someone is looking over your shoulder during a training session or when you must report your results to a coach every week.

No single workout is best for everyone. A great trainer will listen very carefully to your goals and then customize workouts specifically to meet your needs. A proficient trainer puts tremendous thought into each routine and plans it in advance. Expert trainers develop specific workouts for each client. They don’t have all of their clients performing one cookie-cutter program.

Diet and exercise are confusing subjects. Everywhere you look – on TV, in magazines, on the Internet – you are bombarded with conflicting advice. If you try to disseminate this information by trial and error, it could take years – or you might NEVER figure it out! Instead, you could learn from a pro who has devoted his or her entire life to fitness and has mastered the art of helping other people transform their physiques. Keeping up with current research, training methods and nutritional science is a full-time job. That’s what professional personal trainers and fitness coaches do and that’s why you need one!

However, if you don’t comprehend the value of a trainer, then no amount of lecturing will convince you. The only way you’ll understand is to experience a few sessions. Then – when you see and feel the results – you’ll “get it.”

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