There are a number of ways to make the most of your oven so it operates efficiently and you can keep costs down in terms of natural gas or electricity used.

1. Skip the pre-heating

In most cases, it’s not needed. Modern ovens also heat up so quickly, it’s really a non-issue.

2. Hang on to the heat

There are a number of ways to hang on to the heat once you’ve turned on the oven, and to make the most of the energy used.

One of the best ways is to check the door seal so no heat will escape. Keep it clean with a gentle detergent.

3. Don’t use foil on your racks

This might help with easier clean-ups, but the truth is it blocks the air from circulating around the oven and keeping it working at peak efficiency.

4. Consider convection

Convection ovens can save you about 20% to 40% of energy by circulating the heat more efficiently.

5. Keep the kitchen door closed

A lot of people try to heat the house in colder months by putting on the oven, but the truth is that it’s better to have one warm oven and room than use up a lot of fuel trying to get your oven to do too many jobs.

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