China has become one of most powerful manufacturing nations in the modern world. Many companies have moved their manufacturing operations to factories there. These business relationships have created a great demand for managers who are fluent in Chinese.

To learn Chinese is not as hard as you would think. With proper lessons and practice on a regular basis, learning the language could be quite easy and not take long. For advanced learners, a month is required for speaking whole sentences and understanding sentences spoken. For normal learners, a week is required to speak an entire sentence from memory. These are only for those wanting to learn to speak the language and not to write or read it.

In order to read and write the language, fluency in speaking is not required. Grammatical lessons and learning about the type of words and phrases used commonly in written form however is very important and can take time. A person of average learning speed could expect to learn the alphabet inside of a week, reading and writing it completely.

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