You should only consider learning programmes that move onto industry approved qualifications. There are far too many trainers promoting unknown ‘in-house’ certificates that are essentially useless when you start your job-search. From an employer’s viewpoint, only top businesses such as Microsoft, Adobe, CompTIA or Cisco (as an example) provide enough commercial weight. Anything less won’t make the grade.

We’d hazard a guess that you probably enjoy fairly practical work – a ‘hands-on’ type. If you’re like us, the unfortunate chore of reading reference guides can be just about bared when essential, but it’s not ideal. Consider interactive, multimedia study if books just don’t do it for you. Our ability to remember is increased with an involvement of all our senses – this has been an accepted fact in expert circles for decades now. Start a study-program in which you’ll receive a selection of CD and DVD based materials – you’ll learn by watching video tutorials and demonstrations, with the facility to practice your skills in interactive lab’s. You must see the type of training provided by each company you’re contemplating. Be sure that they contain instructor-led video demonstrations with virtual practice-lab’s. Pick disc based courseware (On CD or DVD) if possible. You’re then protected from internet connection failure and issues with signal quality.

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