The best way to get the lowest price for your international VoIP calls is to sign up with a VoIP provider. Once you have subscribed to their service, you will receive a telephone adapter that connects your digital landline telephone to your broadband modem or router. And that’s all it involves – you’re ready to make calls to India and Pakistan in exactly the same way as you would with a normal telephone system, but much more cheaply because the service uses your broadband rather than your landline. VoIP providers can design your package around your telephone usage. So if you have relatives in India or Pakistan, but you don’t need to call the USA or Australia, you can specify which countries you call most often. This means that you will be able to make cheap calls to anywhere in India or Pakistan whenever you want to. The people you’re calling don’t have to have broadband – they can receive your calls on their standard digital telephone handset, just as before.

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