Good communication with clients or manufacturers is always necessary in any business. Always remain available for your clients to resolve their problems and answer their queries. It gives customers a good impression which ultimately increases the sales of the company.

Besides these mistakes, wholesalers should always keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race. If you will make hurry then some how or the other you will commit some mistakes and then there will be no turning back. If you are new to business then don t hire people too quickly because in initial stage every business is unstable. Surplus employees will do nothing and you will have to pay them which will ultimately cause you great loss. Never mix up your emotions with business decisions, always try to follow the logic.

As everyone know that, in business customer is always right. Never try to do what you want, always listen to and satisfy your customer because if customer is satisfied then you are satisfied. The other thing important to note while doing wholesale business is to remain self initiative. Your employees will never take initiative because it s not their business. You always have to take next step and encourage your employees to work hard.

The last advice would be that doing work all the time will make you depressed, introvert and dull by which you will start to lack creativity and your wholesale business will ultimately face a fall. Always try to have some fun activities during and after the working hours, it will keep you healthy and energetic.

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