Wholesaler is the person who purchases products in bulk quantity from manufacturers and stores the products in his warehouse, later he resells those products to retailers, and he is actually a middleman between manufacturer and retailer.

Distributor is a person whose duty is to get products from wholesaler and deliver or distribute them to retailers or customers. A distributor is a middleman between wholesaler and retailer. A wholesale distributor is a person who performs duty of both wholesaler and a distributor. He subtracts the separate middleman and merges himself into it to reap greater profits.

A wholesale distributor is actually performing the duty of two people and it becomes very difficult to manage it when the business is on its peak. To properly manage and perform both duties one should have greater capital money, bigger warehouse, latest transportation service and greater manpower.

In wholesale business alone, you are in contact with retailers and manufacturers and that s it but in wholesale distribution business you will be in contact with greater employees and outside entities also. To properly manage the business first of all you would need to make a perfect plan that how to conduct the whole operations.

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