In addition to protecting the eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, sunglasses are also a part of fashion. Many famous brands have their own line of designer sunglasses to complement the stylish clothes, bags, and shoes. There are literally hundreds of different brands to choose from so finding a pair for a particular style and colour is no problem.

Along with designer sunglasses, there are also designer prescription sunglasses to choose from. The most famous and excellent brands are Armani, Ted Baker, Police, Dolce and Gabbana, Ray Ban, Versace, Channel, and Prada.

The main advantage of choosing designer prescription sunglasses over inexpensive basic ones is quality assurance. With a bit of research, one can find these fashionable eyewear brands for a fraction of the cost. Most people do not realise that buying online can slash a considerable portion off the price. It can be surprising how these can be bought for around half the cost compared to purchasing though high street eyewear stores. Whether one is looking for basic prescription sunglasses or shopping around for designer sunglasses such as prada sunglasses, buying from reputable online opticians will ensure best quality at the lowest price possible.

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