UVB radiation is a small but dangerous part of sunlight. Most of the UVB from the sun is absorbed by the ozone layer. However, prolonged exposure causes sun burn and eye damage. This type of radiation is stronger than UVA radiation, causing burning, premature skin ageing, skin cancer, and serious eye problems. UVB rays are very dangerous, making sunscreens and sunglasses a must for anyone who wishes to stay outdoors.

UVC radiation is the strongest and most dangerous form of UV light. The good news is that these do not reach the atmosphere and to not reach the surface of the earth.

Most people believe that there is no need for sun protection when the sky is overcast. But the truth is that even on a cloudy day, UV light can go right through clouds, especially between ten in the morning to three in the afternoon.

High levels of UVB light are dangerous to the eyes and may cause corneal and retinal damage and also lead to the development of cataracts and pterygium which is a thin tissue that grows over the white part of the eye.

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