They say behind every successful man is a good woman. By those words we can then assume that if content is King, marketing must be the Queen.

Every day in multiple ways each of us is bombarded with messages thanks to marketing and advertisers. We cannot watch television, listen to the radio, collect our mail, walk down the aisles of a store or even browse the internet without seeing message after message assaulting our eyes and ears. Talk about information overload!

When it comes time for any business to market their ideas, products or services directly to the public a smart marketing agency will make sure the content of the message is heard above the cacophony of all the others.

In marketing using terms like free, no cost, no obligation and risk free are sure to get people to stop and pay attention. To further grab the public’s attention the words guarantee, ensure and refund are thrown in for good measure. Companies that market with those strategies will certainly see an increase in business: for a while at least. Unfortunately over time people will begin to view your company in the same light they would a huckster at a weekend carnival.

The best method of directly marketing a message is with subliminal content: make your audience think they must purchase from you to make their life better. As any school child who has taken a class in Marketing 101 can tell you, subliminal advertising has always been the most effective way to directly market an idea to the public. That is achieved by content.

Content that includes the terms simple, easy, fun, must have, need or stress-free are ways to keep a product where it should be: in the minds of the consumer.

Marketing subliminal content takes a bit of imagination. Being cookie-cutter will not work. Using inventive and multiple media tools to get the message heard becomes a necessity. Used correctly though the results can be extraordinary.

UPS took the idea of color to subliminally market their ideas. Brown is normally a non-descript neutral color. With UPS their trucks are brown, the driver’s uniforms are brown, the company letterhead and even their website is brown. Instead of being seen as boring and mundane, marketing the idea that brown is instead steadfast and trustworthy worked. Along with the message you can count on them to deliver your package where you want, when you need it to be there, they have become an international shipping giant.

In 1936 Oscar Mayer wanted to advertise his cold cut and meat products. While popular in the Chicago area where the company was based, expansion was on his mind. His nephew Carl developed an automobile shaped like a hot dog. That “weinermobile” drove around town handing out toy whistles shaped liked the vehicle. Since children were and are the largest consumers of hot dogs in the nation, this marketing strategy was a hit. It subliminally made sure that when the parents buy the hot dogs, the kids want the Oscar Mayer brand. Today 74 years later that marketing is still affective as the “weinermobile” visits stores, schools, orphanages, children’s hospitals, and participates in parades and festivals.

In order to reign above other companies that offer the same products or services that you provide, think royally. It’s a marriage made in marketing heaven.


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