If youve idea about buying an LCD tv, you possibly have quite a few questions. Factors to bear in mind consist of to be had screen sizes, toughness of the product, clarity of the image, and whether or not the tv could be well matched with existing accessories such as a VCR. Lets test the LCD tv.

Exactly what’s an LCD TV? LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. This is the same technology that has been used for a while for digital camera displays and mobile telephones. It is built of two panels of glass-like cloth, which are bonded collectively. One layer is covered with a special polymer which includes the liquid crystals. An electric current is run through the crystals which can flip darkish or allow mild to skip thru, thus developing the picture.

The difference among LCD TVs and plasma TVs isn’t comfortably obvious. They appearance pretty similar, however use completely unique era. A plasma TV is made up of cells, which have been injected with a gasoline called neon-xenon . When power is applied to the mobile, pink, green and blue phosphors are struck. Each of these is called a pixel, and together they contain the photograph.

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