If you are not aware, Infosys being the third largest IT giant in India is one of the very few companies to recruit freshers in massive numbers each year. While the reason could be many including the ease of training the youngsters to deliver high quality code, as a fresher, you will have to capitalize on the fact. https://freshersnews.co.in/

But, one common problem with most youngsters is that they are at short of news sources to stay informed on job openings. Company such as Infosys conducts recruitment drives so frequently across several states. But they may not publish each and every drive in national newspapers. Rather they find it useful to publish only on state level local news sources.

However, as a fresher looking for an entry into the company, you should not hesitate to travel to the next state or district to give a placement test. By this you can save a lot of time and need not wait for the company to visit your district or town. Using opportunities at the earliest is vital for success.

This year 2010 is very crucial from freshers point of view. I am saying this due to the recent developments in the company where policies are shifting towards recruiting more freshers than estimated earlier. One can expect a massive number close to nearly 30,000 freshers this year.

Next Step – What You Should Do?

Now it is your duty to stay informed on the recruitment drives by the company and give your best.

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