“Parents can be their Kid’s worst enemy is sports”

Never did I understand this statement more than I do now. As i prepare for the Christmas holiday, it is a very welcome break to the basketball season.  https://esportsrant.com/

I coach basketball at the high school in the city where I live. There are a lot of hours put in and so far I haven’t had any monetary compensation. Even when I do, the pay will come out to be less than 50 cents an hour.

I do this because I love it. I love coaching, I love basketball and I love having even the smallest influence on the lives of the young men I coach.

But coaching can be stressful. I have discovered that as my body has been feeling more and more tired as the season progresses.

However, it is not practices, games or the kids that are the most stressful part. It is the absolutely despicable attitudes of some parents/grandparents. The selfish, immature and incredibly out of line actions of the role models for the kids that I coach.

Granted, most of the parents are awesome and let me do my job running the team. But, the few who are terrible seem to outweigh the quiet majority.

In three out of our 4 losses on the year I have been confronted both verbally and physically by a parent or grandparent of one of my kids.

The parents/grandparents of these kids have called me “stupid,” “idiot” along with a host of other names. They have pulled me out of my huddles, pushed me and even clenched fists getting ready to throw punches because their kid wasn’t playing.

In a high school game there are 32 minutes in a basketball game. I have 17 kids on my bench sometimes. There is no way that everyone can play. This is a high school team, not some community team where everyone gets equal playing time cause we all just want to have fun.

The worst part is I should have and even did cut the players that I have had troubles with. Meaning that they are 16th and 17th man on the bench. They should be in slacks getting water for the other players, but I wanted to get them a jersey and allow them to practice and work on their games with the team.

These are the parents who think their kids will turn the game around. In their opinion it is because I didn’t play my 16th and 17th man that we lost a couple of games.

Parents need to realize who and what they are. They are a support system for their child. They are there to cheer for and support the team.

They are not there to suggest who should play. They are not there to discuss strategy. Anything that they do beyond the supportive activities listed above are a detriment to their child, the team and everyone who attends the game.

I can’t explain how embarrassed your kids are when you do something so stupid. I have consoled players in the locker room because their parents have acted so childishly.

Most of the time the kid knows that he is not better than those who play. They know that getting to practice and put on their high school jersey is a privilege.

It is the parents who have to come to grips with reality.

This is simply a call to all of the parents of high school, or any level of athletics. Know your place. Know your duties. Don’t cross that line because you disgrace yourself, you embarrass your kids and you hurt the team.

Be a parent and a role model by acting appropriately.

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