The Thierry Mugler company is best known for its signature fragrance, Angel. The first Angel fragrance was launched in 1992 where it received accolades and positive reviews from customers and perfume critics alike. After its success, a suite of Angel fragrances followed. The quintessential scent of oriental gourmand was the foreground in the creation of the Angel line.

Angel, as the word connotes, bespeaks a heavenly scent. It’s pure, light and innocent. Topping its fragrance notes are bergamot, hedione, helional, honey, dewberry, red berries, vanilla, caramel, patchouli, chocolate and coumarin. The fragrance is marked by an overly sweet blend of lush vanilla and overtures of chocolate and honey. The scent may overwhelm at first smell, but eventually dries down to a spicy-oriental aroma of patchouli. Decadent and sugary-sweet, Angel is recommended for evening affairs.

Angel for Men or A*Men is a mix of musky woods and elegant notes of lavender and mint. Sensual, deep and manly, A*Men boasts a fiery combination of lavender, bergamot, helional, aldehydes, peppermint, roasted coffee, patchouli, caramel, Tonka bean, tar, musk, vanilla, and chocolate. Akin to an aphrodisiac, the hybrid of chocolate sweetness and woodsy aroma brings out an enigmatic essence that lasts all day. Scent palate may vary so it’s recommended to apply a small amount at first application. Its rich fragrance will melt on your skin.

A flanker of the Angel collection, The Garden of Stars, features a concoction of different florals inspired by the captivating fragrance notes of the original Angel.

Angel Garden of Stars La Rose Angel is inspired by a lovely garden of roses. The top notes are a blend of rich aroma of patchouli and oriental woods; middle notes of Bulgarian rose, plum and pink pepper; and base notes of vanilla, caramel, chocolate and coumarin. La Rose Angel is a symphony of rose petals with a background scent mimicking the original Angel. Its rich fragrance lasts all day. Just like the other Angel fragrances, a little amount goes a long way. The patchouli component doesn’t come off as pleasing to every user. Some find it a tad too strong; the dry down is annoyingly offensive. It’s important to note that people have different body chemistries. So expect that each Angel will develop a unique feel in every person.

Angel Garden of Stars Le Lys is an oriental, floral fragrance similar to the signature Angel scent. Its fragrance notes combine exquisite fruity flavors, hyacinth, water lily, lily-of-the-valley then transforms into bolder notes of nutmeg, honey and caraway. Amber, patchouli and vanilla cap off the base notes. Distinctly floral, Le Lys dries down into a light masculine scent: an attribute given off by the woods and patchouli. The notes have the same dynamics of the other Angel collection: it’s rich. Perfume reviewers prefer to wear it on special occasions.

Angel Garden of Stars Pivoine Angel is a peony-inspired Angel. The elegantly warm notes envelop your skin gradually. Peony dominates the fragrance notes; blended with florals, green notes of twigs, vanilla and patchouli. The scent is elegantly luxurious yet fragile. The contrast makes Pivoine Angel a bit off scent the original Angel probably due to the strong and pure peony notes. The mild aroma suits the warm and cool months.

Angel La Part Des Anges is the luxe variant of the Angel collection. Sparkling whisky notes, sweet fruits and woodsy amber captures the distinct scent. The richness of the notes projects grandeur and class. Perfume users find it a bit overpowering but again, the body chemistry factor has to be considered. Among the Angel Garden of Stars collection, La Part Des Anges carries the most opulent looking packaging.

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