Rationalizing it away

One morning you look at your right hand and notice that your ring finger is shaking or tremoring by itself. Perhaps your entire hand is shaking. “Oh, it’s just nerves….I’ve been under a lot of stress lately at work and it will settle down once I take a day or two off.” But it doesn’t. In fact, it is getting worse. http://www.cryptocurrencytradingcn.com

Okay, I’ll go see the doctor about it. She’ll probably laugh and tell me it is just my nerves. So, you find yourself sitting on the examination table and your ring finger is at it again. You justify work as being the cause. She looks at it closely and compares with your other hand. She looks at your fingers next to your shaking ring finger. “Sure, they’re not moving, but it’s just nerves, right?” She frowns as she asks you to do some dexterity exercises. She writes down a neurologist’s name and tells you to see him as soon as possible. You’re concerned because SHE is concerned.

Next thing you know, you are on the neurologist’s exam table. He looks at your shaking finger, does more dexterity tests. Checks your reflexes. Watches you walk down the hallway. He sits on his stool and watches your face for a long period of time. You try to tell him, “Doc, really….it’s just nerves” but he continues his exam. He swivels around, writes in your chart and prescribes medication.

The Diagnosis

“Anyone in your family ever have Parkinson’s?” he asks. You think for a moment and remember your great uncle who had it and respond yes. He looks at you and tells you it’s not nerves, it’s not work, it’s not anything that is poo-pooable.

“Miss, you have Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Here are some pamphlets and a prescription for Sinemet. Call me if you have any questions. I will let your doctor know the diagnosis.” You take the pamphlets, the prescriptions and walk out of the office on remote control.

You make it to the car and sit inside for a few stunned moments. Then you cry.

So What Does it Feel Like? What are some Symptoms besides Shaking?

In order to help me out here, I called upon a YOPD (Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease) friend of mine. He is in the same age range as myself, but is struggling with it more than I am at the moment. PD affects the sleep, causes difficulty in walking, balance and more.

MY symptoms: My symptoms are tremors of the right hand, feeling faint when standing after being seated for awhile, depression, exhaustion, weakness in my legs and hands, loss of smell, falling, balance problems and restless leg syndrome.

The most aggravating symptom: By far, it’s the feeling faint upon standing and falling. People think you are drunk half the time when this happens. It also hurts when you fall. I guess it’s a blessing for all the padding that I have!

My Fellow PD’er symptoms: Tremors all over his body, problems with walking and sleeping, balance, exhaustion, depression and general weakness in his body.

The most aggravating symptom: Difficulty with walking and functioning normally all day. (Problems with buttoning shirts, holding a coffee cup without spilling the contents, walking without “freezing” and waiting for your feet to cooperate with your brain and exhaustion.


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